Saturday, February 9, 2013

 We are happy that we finally made a decision on our dream home. we started our journey from November 2012 after my DH accepted full time opportunity with his company. we thought we would settle down in Carolina..we really liked the place in all the aspects of cost of living and more scenic places with more greenery every where which is why i liked the place so much...we decided to buy our new home in south Carolina, we did our research and our Realtor also helped us a lot with our search. we finally made a decision that we are going to build a new home in Rosemont community Indian Land. Also coming from an Asian community we would consider the direction in which the LOT is facing, we decided to see "North", "East" and "North East" facing lots and finally we found  "North East" facing LOTS, and made a decision that we would build a verona Elevation C, with full brick on the front in LOT 153

Last Saturday on Feb 2nd 2013, we made an offer with Ryan Homes, and we got an email on Monday with a counter offer which is $6000.00 more than the offer we made..But we decided to go ahead as it still is with in the budget that we estimated. After we made a decision  i am happy but there's always a feeling, did we make a good decision..? .This is our first time buying a home and we are enjoying the journey and the process of building a new home...

The day on which we we made an offer, we decided on our exteriors,

1. Brick: Grand Caramel
2. Siding: Pebble Clay
3. Door: OuterSpace (8W6251)
4. Shutter: Brown
5. ST.Cecilia Granite in kitchen

we also decided to use NVR mortgage, as Ryan home would cover $3500 towards closing costs, we made an appointment with Loan officer yesterday, we felt good as far as yesterdays session with loan officer, she did explain everything that we asked in detail. It took 2 hours to complete all our first meeting with loan officer and she said we would know about our loan approval in 3 -4 weeks.

And Finally we got a "SOLD" board yesterday on our LOT and we just dropped by our lot today, as weather is also good today, 


  1. Are you in rosemont? If so, hello neighbor!

    1. Now that I see the rest of your post, I see that you are. Look forward to tracking your progress over the next few months. Let's see who's Verona goes up the fastest ;)

    2. Initially, we thought of going with lot 233 but later moved to 153. We want to stay away from construction and found that there won't be any constructions on back of our lots. we are pushing our closing to July as we are holding lease and i think your Verona will be first :). We followed your blog all through our decision process and it really helped us a lot. We want to thank you for all the awesome help.

    3. I'm glad I could help :) I've been reading about how the dump trucks working on the neighborhood behind us use that way as a cut through and come barreling through at night (rude!). I think Rosemont residents have been trying to get them to stop so hopefully they won't continue to be an issue for you as that neighborhood continues to be developed. Thankfully all of this construction (my side, your side) is a temporary means to an end.

  2. Congratulations! Welcome to Verona nation!

  3. Welcome Welcome Welcome to the RH Family Blog Land!!

    Look forward to following your journey!

    We built a Rome in Maryland. Feel free to stop on by and join our site at:


    PS. Please turn off the word verification on your blog, it makes bloggers decipher a weird word pattern before we can leave a comment. Ugghh! Thank you much, you will definitely get more comments this way! :-)

  4. Heeeeeey - we almost bought lot 152. :) We've been commenting how fast they have gotten your house up since the 1st time we were out there (although, it probably has seemed like forever for you). We ended up buying on Taney Way so hope to meet you this summer!